Traditional point of sales products can be clunky, unimaginative, overly expensive, boring bulk plastics.

Using modern 3D printing techniques, we create custom designed point of sales products that make your brand look out of this world!

Our 3D point of sales products are ideal for any business with a product in real space looking for an alternative way to get attention on the shelf.

(Ex: Gas stations, mall displays, counter displays, dispensary shelves and much more!)



By utilizing our core techniques, we’re able to create a more colorful, more impactful product without requiring you to buy a huge minimum order.

Our 3D printed point of sales products are made of PLA (polylactic acid) plastics and are more sustainable and more biodegradable than traditional Real Space Marketing like acrylic, wood, paper, and regular plastics.

Point of sales items often only last for 6 months or less – with OMADEN you receive a unique product that is more sustainable and offers more opportunity to create brand recognition utilizing your logo as the centerpoint.

Our Work




We specialize in creating unique, 3D-printed, custom made Point of Sales and marketing products that last longer and are more sustainable than traditional plastic point of sales items.

Our name comes from our owner Mike’s origins from Omaha, Nebraska to Denver, Colorado. OMA+DEN represents the airport labels for each city he frequently traveled, with the name for the brand realized while walking his dog, Freya.

Owner Mike Erdman hails from a small town in Nebraska and was a mason by trade starting in high school. Mike moved to Colorado and worked as a mason until he joined forces with leading Colorado cannabis edibles brand, Mountain High Suckers.

While working as head of operations for Mountain High Suckers, Mike purchased a lot of point of sales marketing items for the brand, and saw too many point of sales marketing products were bland, overpriced and lacking a “wow” factor.

Mike created OMADEN with the aim to create better point of sales products for anyone in retail (or with any idea better in 3D!)

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Why are OMADEN products better for Point of Sales?

  • – Our 3D printed products draw more attention, have a broad range of bright bold colors to match your brand, and can easily make your logo stand out on shelf space.

    – We also use PLA (polylactic acid) plastics which are more sustainable / biodegradable than traditional plastics.

    – Last, since each product is custom designed and requires no molds, we require no minimal orders like traditional bulk marketing products.

  • What is PLA (polylactic acid) plastic?

  • We use PLA (polylactic acid) because it’s a more sustainable form of plastic for the purpose of Real Space Marketing over things like Acrylic, Wood, Paper and other plastics that are primarily oil derived and not biodegradable.

    We actively participate in advanced bio-polymers, bioplastics and other advanced materials in the pursuit of an even more environmentally sound solution to the massive amount of non-recyclable waste generated by Real Space Marketing.

  • What is your minimum order quantity?

  • None – no bulk or minimum order is required!

    3D printing requires no molds, and we do everything custom. You can even add unique aspects to your core display design to make them unique for each of your locations for a nominal upcharge.

  • What do I need to provide you for a 3D design?

  • – We ask you to at minimum provide your logo art or anything that represents your existing branding. We typically DO NOT design logos for you.

    – Providing any reviews you have, your website & social media pages help us understand your brand better.

    – Provide any design inspiration you want us to review.

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